Mobile Shade is a company responding to various industries needs to keep their personnel safe, healthy, and productive. Mobile Shade has developed several lines of shade trailers to help keep personnel safe from the outside elements. Whether you are working on a pipeline in south Texas’s 100 degree heat, a plant turn around in Houston, or in the deserts of California, our trailers will provide your personnel with the protection they need to get the job done, safely, effectively, and efficiently.

Mobile Shade trailers are from 15’to 20’ long providing various levels of Shade, Cooling. The trailers were developed with the ability to be moved quickly from job site to job site without complicated set up or breakdowns. Mobile trailers bring a professional look to the jobsite with their sleek design and options.

Mobile Shade provides sleek, portable cooling trailers for:

  • Pipeline Construction
  • Refineries
  • Industrial Turnarounds
  • Agricultural sites
  • General Construction
  • Field Work
  • City Municipalities

Mobile Shade has competitive rental rates and regularly scheduled maintenance checks for trailers that are on long term rental. Every trailer is thoroughly inspected after each rental to ensure that all of our trailers meet our standards for quality and safety.

Mobile Shade is committed to customer care and safety through innovative design and product reliability. Cold, rain or shine, Mobile Shade has you covered!

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